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March Newsletter

Welcome to the March edition of the PM Illustrated newsletter. We have a new look and new features.
First an apology for there being no February newsletter. A combination of Mail Chimp increasing their prices and some health issues meant I did not get a replacement newsletter service in time to publish the newsletter. However, here we are with a new provider, a new look, and new content.

Easier Identification of Locked Content

I have added lock symbols to the launch grid to quickly identify topics that require paid membership. This way, people who have not yet bought a membership can see which topics are locked without having to click on them and be presented with the memberships page.

Free PDU Webinar Event

Please join me on April 12th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time for a free webinar hosted by Peak Business Management. The event awards one free PDU, and I will walk through all the new features on the PMillustrated site. We will also be on hand to answer as many of your PMP exam-related questions as time allows. So, please sign up to reserve your free space.

Content Featured by PMI and IIL

You may recognize content from PMillustrated showing up on ProjectManagement.com and IIL articles. It is great to see more visual explanations gaining broader appreciation. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive; people appreciate seeing diagrams to help explain the context, reinforce concepts and illustrate examples. However, it always starts here first at PMillustrated, including two new characters...

Behind-the-Scenes Badger

In the spirit of books like Show Your Work, I will soon be adding some behind-the-scenes articles about building the PMillustrated.com membership website. I will explain the iterative process used to develop the cartoons, and the tools used to create PMillustrated.com.

If you are interested in side hustles, selling online, and making enough passive income to give up your day job. I will break down all the ways I have failed, the little I have learned, and all the challenges I still struggle with.

BS Bull

Project management is a serious business, but we should not take ourselves too seriously. BS Bull provides tongue-in-cheek, bad advice not to be followed.

Exam Tip
PERT = Poblems Eventually Resolve Themselves.
PERT is an important planning mnemonic that reminds us that most minor issues, like the common cold, get better by themselves if left long enough. Rather than trying to fix them, time can be better spent updating project plans and producing status reports.

PM Illustrated Video Book

PMillustrated Video Book icon
The new audio/video version of the PM Illustrated book is available and feedback has been great. It features all the book content, including the extra chapters on “Intro to agile,” “Life Cycle Selection,” “Case Studies,” and “Exam Taking Tips” that are not featured on the website.
The new video version of the book is an excellent alternative for anyone who would rather watch and listen to the PM Illustrated book content than read it. Accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer. Watch or listen while on your commute.

There’s even a free preview featuring 38 minutes of content and three lessons.

Stay in touch

If you ever have any questions, please get in touch mike@pmillustrated.com
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