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April Newsletter

Welcome to the April edition of the PM Illustrated newsletter with some exciting new offerings!

Free PDU Webinar Recording

In case you missed my webinar on the PMP Exam, visual learning and PMillustrated, you can watch it again here and earn a free PDU. The session was hosted by Peak Business, and they have generously provided access for PMillustrated newsletter subscribers to their free PDU library.

The password is PeakPDU0922

Announcing Content + Coaching + Community

Would you be interested in a new live coaching offering? For a reasonable fee, join me for weekly coaching sessions where we review topics in the PMP exam, answer your questions, and share additional practice questions, mindmaps, etc.

I ran a similar Supported Self-Study Group based around my PMI-ACP Exam Prep book and these sessions were very popular – Details here. People like it because:
  • · Having a community of peers means your study is no longer a solo activity. Instead, you are part of a group where you can ask and answer questions and share exam tips, study strategies, etc.
  • · Moving through topics on a schedule creates accountability for sticking with a study plan. The weekly call creates a cadence and commitment to your study to get through all the topics.
  • · Live instruction and support mean you learn about topics from experts and have an opportunity to get your questions answered by experienced PMP trainers.
If this is of interest, please let me know, and I will add you to the notification emails. mike@pmillustrated.com

New Membership Price Increases Coming in May

If you are already a paid member, your subscription renewals will continue at your original rate. I really appreciate you as early adopters, and your subscriptions will never increase in price. However, the prices for new memberships will rise in May. Just to reiterate, this will only affect net new memberships.

If you currently have a Free Membership, you can upgrade to full site access at the current low pricing levels until mid-May. This will lock in your membership renewals at the low prices.

Pricing is tricky, and I wanted to create an affordable membership experience. However, multiple e-commerce mentoring and local business coaching groups have told me my prices are too low for the administration, support and credit card fees involved. I tend to agree, currently the membership admin is not economical or sustainable.

Additionally, low pricing puts some people off since they perceive the product as low quality. This is not the case for PMillustrated, as the materials are benchmarked against the official PMI ECO and ATP training materials to ensure they meet and, in many areas, exceed other offerings.

Local Market and Educational Discount Codes

To keep the site accessible, I am happy to offer local market pricing (e.g., discounts for, say, India, where salaries are lower) and educational volume discounts.

So, please get in touch with me if this applies to you, and I can provide a discount code. Mike@pmillustrated.com

Undercover Mole - Exam Tip

Undercover Mole Icon
If you are using the online proctored exam at home, run the systems compatibility check well before your exam day. This will inform you about any firewall or problematic software installed on your machine with plenty of time to fix it or find an alternative machine.

PM Illustrated Video Book

PMillustrated Video Book icon
The new audio/video version of the PM Illustrated book is available and feedback has been great. It features all the book content, including the extra chapters on “Intro to agile,” “Life Cycle Selection,” “Case Studies,” and “Exam Taking Tips” that are not featured on the website.
The new video version of the book is an excellent alternative for anyone who would rather watch and listen to the PM Illustrated book content than read it. Accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer. Watch or listen while on your commute.

There’s even a free preview featuring 38 minutes of content and three lessons.

Stay in touch

If you ever have any questions, please get in touch mike@pmillustrated.com
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