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May Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the PM Illustrated newsletter with some exciting new offerings!

Coming Soon - Animations

What's better than animal cartoons? Animated animal cartoons, that's what!

Over the next few months, expect to see many static images on the launch pane replaced with animations.

Please keep the Testimonials Coming!

I passed my PMP exam "Above Target" in all 3 areas thanks to this site! - Kristi Jones, PMP

PM Illustrated is a game-changer! It is such a fun way of visual learning, makes it easier to understand and make the concepts stick well, with unique ways to test learning. An excellent resource for those who are preparing to take the PMP as well as the PMI-ACP - Joanne Tuazon, RN, PMP

PM illustrated is the best resource to head to, if anyone is looking for a detailed yet condensed knowledge base of the PMP's Exam Content Outline (ECO). This excellent resource made my exam a cakewalk. During the exam, recalling contents from the mind maps and illustrated representations from this site was extremely easier than other traditional formats. I strongly recommend PM illustrated for all PMP Aspirants. - Sathriyan Abirami, PMP

I used your website for three months while studying for the PMP and passed on the first try! The materials were great - thank you! - Jerilyn Wu, PMP

The best PMP prep material I have ever seen. Kudos! - Antonio Priscan
It is always great for me to hear how you are using and benefitting from the site, but it also helps other learners. Given all the hype and unsubstantiated claims found online, having genuine customer testimonials report how they have found the site helpful improves credibility and value.

So far, the site is 100% bootstrapped (self-funded) with no paid advertising. So your testimonials are crucial for spreading the word about the website. Thanks a million for the quotes listed below, and if you have a couple of minutes, please submit your own. Thanks

More Games?

Quiz Show
Have you played the Jeopardy game? Would you like more of these types of externally hosted games?

The plugin renewal for this feature is due in June, and I have to decide whether to pay for it again or retire the game. If I renew, I can create various other types of games (quiz shows, boss battles, etc.) Please let me know if you would like to see more of these games.

Live Coaching

Starting in September, I will offer weekly Zoom calls to answer your questions, walk through topics, review exam questions, and share additional practice questions and study aids. The sessions will follow a format similar to my PMI-ACP Supported Study Groups.

A timetable of reading and review questions keeps people accountable for their studies, and a weekly call answers any questions about those topics. A private LinkedIn group provides a community, a sense of accountability, an opportunity to ask further questions and share study tips, etc.

More details about this new service will be added to the website soon. However, if you want to put your name on the waitlist for the first cohort, please let me know at Mike@PMillustrated.com.

New Membership Pricing

As explained in the last newsletter, membership pricing has increased. This does not impact anyone already with a membership, only net new memberships. I appreciate you backing a start-up, and your membership renewals are locked in at your original price.

(An interesting fact I learned when I had very low pricing was that fraudsters bought memberships to test stolen credit card information. I would get a burst of memberships created with fake email addresses, which I would then have to individually refund and delete. Also, the site gets flagged as high-risk and pays higher credit card processing fees. Hopefully, by no longer offering very cheap products (and stricter recaptcha), I can avoid stolen CC testing in the future!)

Local Market and Educational Discount Codes

To keep the site accessible, I am happy to offer local market pricing (e.g., discounts for, say, India, where salaries are lower) and educational volume discounts.

So, please get in touch with me if this applies to you, and I can provide a discount code. Mike@pmillustrated.com

BS Bull - Exam Tip

Exam Tip: Before submitting your responses for marking, ensure you have an even distribution of A, B, C and D's. Being an ANSI-approved exam means each response option must have equal representation across the exam.

(Please do not listen to BS Bull, he is full of sh*t.)

PM Illustrated Video Book

PMillustrated Video Book icon
The new audio/video version of the PM Illustrated book is available and feedback has been great. It features all the book content, including the extra chapters on “Intro to agile,” “Life Cycle Selection,” “Case Studies,” and “Exam Taking Tips” that are not featured on the website.
The new audio/video version of the PM Illustrated book is available, and feedback has been great. It features all the book content, including the extra chapters on “Intro to Agile,” “Life Cycle Selection,” “Case Studies,” and “Exam Taking Tips” that are not featured on the website.
The new audio/video version of the book is an excellent alternative for anyone who would rather watch and listen to the PM Illustrated book content than read it. Accessible on your phone, tablet, or computer. Watch or listen while on your commute.

There’s even a free preview featuring 38 minutes of content and three lessons.


Thank You icon
Thanks for your interest in PM illustrated. Learning should be fun, and visual learning boosts comprehension and recall. I hope to build a truly valuable learning site for anyone studying project management. Thanks for being part of this process, and please let me know if you have any suggestions mike@pmillustrated.com.

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If you ever have any questions, please get in touch mike@pmillustrated.com
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