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August Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of the PM Illustrated newsletter with all the latest news and offers. We profile developments in visual learning and the neuroscience of adult learning to study smarter, not harder, getting you to your PMP credential goal faster.

Back to School Flash Sale

As a thank you for being a PM Illustrated Newsletter reader, we have an excellent offer for the next 3 days only. As you know, signing up for a Free account lets you see half the site's content. However, you would not try to deliver a project only knowing half the scope. The same is true of studying for the exam; you need to understand all the scope.

So, to celebrate Back-To-School and convert Free members to full-access, paid members for the next 3 days, you can save 33% on a 3-month Exam Prep Membership subscription! Act fast, and you can get a 3-month membership for just $19.99 instead of the usual $29.99 (only $5 more than a 1 month access price.)

Use the code BackToSchoolFlash33 at checkout.
Do not delay; this is just until August 30 at midnight Mountain Time.

(If you just bought a regular membership this month, don't feel bad; we appreciate your business and have given you one month of free access to the PM Illustrated Audio Video Book in place of this offer! Check it out here. )

Under Development - Branching Scenarios

Currently, we are working on adding project simulations with branching scenarios to the site. These should be online soon and allow more realistic questioning. Instead of single correct/incorrect response questions, project scenarios such as problem detection and team-direction-setting will be explored. How you respond drives the simulation to successful, sub-optimal, or failure situations.

These outcome-based learning simulations are more engaging, impactful and sticky than multiple-choice questions. While you will not see outcome-based simulations on the PMP exam (yet), they are an emerging trend in adult learning as a more effective way to master concepts faster.

Don't Forget to Check the Blog Page

Don't miss the Blog Page where you can read articles about the PMP exam, PMillustrated.com and study tips. Check out previous posts, new content, exam-related materials and musings.
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Does Your Study Need a Boost?

Add some structure and accountability by joining the upcoming Live Mentoring Study Program. Starting in September/October, I will be hosting live weekly Zoom mentoring sessions.

This program is similar to the very popular series I run for the PMI-ACP exam.
It works like this: You read materials in your own time, then join me to ask any questions you may have and review exam questions on the weekly topics. Members also get extra exam questions to test their knowledge and access to a members-only LinkedIn Group to share resources and study tips.
The community group and weekly schedule of topics create accountability to your study plan. If you need an extra push and want to learn in a cohort of peers with live Q&A check it out. The weekly topics follow the new ATP teaching sequence, so they are a familiar revision sequence for anyone who has taken a PMP bootcamp.

More details to come on this, but if you are interested, I suggest you Join the Waitlist to stay informed.

Scheduling Tip

If your project is running later, add more people to get back on schedule. An 8-day task for one person can be completed in only 2 days if you assign 4 people to it.


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Thanks for your interest in PM illustrated. Learning should be fun, and visual learning boosts comprehension and recall. I hope to build a truly valuable learning site for anyone studying project management. Thanks for being part of this process, and please let me know if you have any suggestions mike@pmillustrated.com.

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