This PM Illustrated website is the appetizer. The main course is the PM Illustrated book that features all the same content plus more for you to keep and reuse.

More Animals! – More of your animal friend cartoons to explain PM topics in engaging and fun ways. Such as Undercover Mole who provides insights and PMP® exam tips.

More Content – The book features mind maps and topic summaries, not on this site. These make great one-page revision tools. There is also an Agile Primer chapter explaining the basics of agile so you have all the background you need for the new agile related exam content.

Case studies – The book features three case studies to help show the pros, cons and differences between plan-driven, agile and hybrid life cycle projects. By explaining and contrasting examples of each project type, the differences and considerations for each approach are made clear. 

Exam Taking Tips – Proven strategies to help you get the most from your study time. When to apply, how to study, and what to expect on the day.

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The Kindle Edition is faster than the website for several technical reasons. First, the WordPress technology used dynamically retrieves each page from a database before serving it to your web browser. Second, the plugin used to build the hover-over glossary definitions adds more than a second to each page load time. We used advanced caching, compression and lazy loading of content to mitigate the problem, but the Kindle book and physical version have no such issues and are always local and fast.

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Comprehensive Overview of Agile

In addition to the content available at this site, PM Illustrated the book contains a comprehensive overview of agile. This includes the Agile Manifesto mindset, values and principles and a description of their practical use. It also covers servant leadership and the role of Scrum Master / Team Lead in helping teams collaborate and deliver value.

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Available on Amazon Now

If you have enjoyed this site, I hope you can support the effort it took to create it and also takes to maintain it. Get more animals, content and tools with the paid book version. 

Available as a physical book in paperback and hardback or in Kindle format for desktop, tablet, mobile, and Kindle devices.

Kindle has a full-color desktop reader app. The paperback used to be black & white, but is now full-color. The hardback book is full-color.

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10% of profits from PM Illustrated will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

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