There are many ways to view and use the PM Illustrated site. This includes unregistered, free registered, and paid memberships. The main features for registered members are shown below:

Membership Levels infographic

(Memberships renew upon their anniversary but can be cancelled at any time via your Account page. Renewals occur at sign-up-rate and never increase.) 

0) Casual Surfers

Of course, anyone can navigate to and browse the site. More than 50% of the core topics are currently freely available. So, please, look around and see if visual learning is for you.

1) Free, Limited Browsing

Creating a Free, Limited Browsing membership account will allow you to track your progress and collect electronic badges to monitor your achievements. It also gives access to leaderboards and points if you like to gamify your learning.

Quiz Progress Tracking

Each module features a self-assessment quiz at the end. Since you can navigate the topics in any order, many people find it helpful to track their progress through the quizzes by collecting electronic badges. You need at least a free account to collect badges. Below is a sample image from the progress tracking “My Achievements” page.

My Achievements sample

You can view your progress at any time by visiting the My Achievements page.

Paid Memberships

There are 3 paid membership levels (1-month, 3-months, and 6-months.) These provide full access to all the topics to prepare for the PMP® exam. 

All the paid memberships also provide:

100 Percent icon

100% Scope Coverage – of all the subjects in the PMP® Exam Content Outline, along with self-assessment quiz questions. 

more games icon

More Games – Test your recall and comprehension with even more crossword and word search games. Also, try image sequencing and memory games. 

Online Flashcards – Test your knowledge and target weak areas using the online flashcards. Complete with the option to “star” topics to return to, the flashcards are an effective way to confirm understanding and identify any gaps you may have.

3 Months+ Benefits

Everyone who signs up for 3 months or more also receive:

Simulated Exam Quizzes – These are timed quizzes that feature questions at random from the entire curriculum of exam topics. You can choose 10, 25 or 50 question options, and they are timed to simulate how long per question you get in the real PMP® exam. These are powerful tools for boosting your confidence and preparing you for the exam.

Money Back Guarantee

For anyone on the fence about buying a full-site membership, PM Illustrated now offers a money-back guarantee. We are confident that if you use this site properly to prepare for your PMP exam you will pass. So, what do you have to lose? Either pass the exam and gain the benefits of becoming a PMP credential holder or have your membership costs refunded.

Money Back Guarantee icon

To qualify, applicants need to demonstrate they have used the site by collecting all the task badges and score over 75% on the 50 Question timed quiz. That is it, no pages of fine-print rules. Just work your way through the site, test your knowledge as you go to earn badges, and take the timed quiz. If you do this but are then not successful in your PMP exam. Send your failure notification for a full refund of your PM illustrated membership. Pass the exam or your money back. That’s a great deal!


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