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The PM Illustrated book features all the same content as the website plus much more.

More Animals! – More of your animal friends to explain PM topics in engaging and fun ways.

More Content – The book features mindmaps and topic summaries, not on this site. These make great one-page revision tools.

Case Studies – The book contains three case studies to help show the pros, cons and differences between plan-driven, agile and hybrid life cycle projects. By explaining and contrasting examples of each project type, the differences and considerations for each approach are made clear.

Comprehensive Overview of Agile – In addition to the content available at this site, PM Illustrated the book contains a comprehensive overview of agile. This includes the Agile Manifesto mindset, values and principles and a description of their practical use. It also covers servant leadership and the role of Scrum Master / Team Lead in helping teams collaborate and deliver value.

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