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Congratulations to Everyone who Passed their PMP Exam using PMillustrated.com

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What People are saying about PM illustrated:

I passed my PMP exam "Above Target" in all 3 areas thanks to this site!
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Kristi Jones
PM Illustrated is a game-changer! It is such a fun way of visual learning, makes it easier to understand and make the concepts stick well, with unique ways to test learning. An excellent resource for those who are preparing to take the PMP as well as the PMI-ACP.
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Joanne Tuazon, RN, PMP
Transformation Process Improvement Coach
PM illustrated is the best resource to head to, if anyone is looking for a detailed yet condensed knowledge base of the PMP's Exam Content Outline (ECO). This excellent resource made my exam a cakewalk. During the exam, recalling contents from the mind maps and illustrated representations from this site was extremely easier than other traditional formats. I strongly recommend PM illustrated for all PMP Aspirants.
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Sathriyan Abirami
I like, and recommend, the PM Illustrated site for several reasons: 1) It’s creative. Aligning animals with concepts is very useful for visual learners. 2) It is aligned with the PMI Exam Content Outline (ECO) for the PMP exam. Many people mistakenly think the PMP exam is based on the PMBOK Guide. No, the question domains and tasks are based on the ECO. PMBOK Guide is essential content, but the ECO is much broader as reflected in the site. 3) Wide variety. Besides well laid out visual content, there are a variety of study aids at the site. Practice questions, word puzzles, etc. to provide a great suite of preparation materials. The PMI Southwestern Alberta Chapter (PMISAC) think so highly of this site, that the PMP Prep Course includes a 90 day subscription to the site.
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Dave Davis
PMP Instructor
Mike has created a great tool to really see project management. The illustrations are cute, but, more importantly, link directly to the project management concepts participants need to know for exam success - and project management success. I found this course and approach a clever way to visualize the conceptual nature of project management to provide the A-HA moment we often need when discussing the theoretical. Great job, Mike!
Joseph Philips
PMP Instructor
I used your website for three months while studying for the PMP and passed on the first try! The materials were great - thank you!
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Jerilyn Wu
I’ve been teaching PMP for many years, and once in a while, I see an exciting new resource come along that's a game-changer, like Mike’s PM Illustrated: Learn Project Management Visually. Many people are “visual learners,” and Mike’s cartoons are fun and memorable, making learning the PMP concepts enjoyable, easy, and very appealing to the eye. The site also is unique in enabling users to drill down by the PMP Exam Content Outline (very helpful toward the test!) As well as by providing two more helpful pathways to the material: by work-groups, and by sequential order. Mike also provides excellent pop-up videos throughout, adding another excellent layer of learning. And short PMP quizzes are also imbedded in the content, for quick learning-checks as you go.
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Jeff Furman
PMP Instructor
Hands down the best online exam prep tool I've come across. Not only is it engaging and effective, but it also utilizes captivating visuals to help you memorize complex information in significantly less time.
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Jane Tse
Project Manager
Thank you for creating this Mike, and keeping it updated and engaging. I came across it accidentally, and immediately shared it with people. It's such a brilliant way to make project management inclusive and accessible to people at all levels. This is an invaluable resource for anyone, regardless of whether they're seeking a qualification or not.
Shakirah Akinwale
Project Manager
The learning experience in this course is very helpful for those who want to know how to properly manage projects, very useful information as well for how to communicate with staff and stakeholders.
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Andy Guajardo
PMI Illustrated has helped me to better understand the Exam Content Outline (ECO). With the easy-to-understand illustrations of the topics under the ECO through visuals, including animals, PM Illustrated has been an excellent tool for me to get a quick insight into the content outline of the PMP exam.
Rup Kumar BK
This site is a great resource for PMP students. Topics are organized by domains and tasks from the PMP Examination Content Outline, which is what the exam is based on. The learning experience is multi-media with interactive quizzes, while the style is very conversational, which makes it easy to understand and relate to. I used some of this to enhance my understanding about agile and hybrid approaches as I prepared for the AHPP credential exam.
Eric van der Meulen
The best PMP prep material I have ever seen. Kudos!
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Antonio Prišćan
Project Manager
I passed the PMP on the first try using your book and online material. It was one of the best studying tools I've ever used and helped tremendously on the exam!
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Nicholas May
Just a quick compliment on your great idea and how you executed on it. I love every single bit of pmillustrated....I will definitely tell my students about your website and products.
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Dennis Karajannis
PMP trainer
I had a great experience reading all the content. The graphics are superb, the text is clear, and the quizzes are challenging but not impossible.
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John Doe

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