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Elephant Adaoption Giveaway

Do you have the memory of an elephant? Try the new Jeopardy-inspired Quiz Show game to win a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Elephant Adoption Package with a plush toy.

Since its inception, PMillustrated.com has used animal cartoons to teach project management (read why) and pledged 10% of profits to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF.) This month we are giving a WWF Elephant adoption package to one lucky participant. Just send in a screenshot of your Results screen to mike@pmillustrated.com for an automatic entry to win.

Elephant Competition prize illustration

How the Competition Works

PMillustrated will buy a $60 WWF animal adoption pack in your name and send you the adoption certificate, plush toy, photo, and species card. WWF will use $50 for elephant conservation and habitat protection. 

Rules: One entry each. Entries must be received by August 31, 2022. You must pass the quiz (score > 70%) to qualify. The winner will be selected at random. Entries are accepted worldwide, but WWF only ships plush toys to certain countries. If you win from a country WWF does not send to, a donation will still be made in your name, but you will not receive the plush toy, adoption card, etc. Good luck!

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