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If you represent an organization that would be good fit for partnering with PM Illustrated, please get in touch. Areas I would appreciate help with include SEO, social media outreach, and business development. I love creating content, but am not so good at online promotion.

I was hoping the animals featured on this site could be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posting project management insights and exam tips. Maybe a weekly newsletter featuring an exam topic walkthrough, a mind map, and some sample questions would be a good way to build mailing list? I have content ideas, but not the bandwidth for pushing it out and staying on top of the conversations.  

I am sure you have great suggestions too. If your ideas align with creating a free, fun, and visually engaging learning environment for project managers please get in touch and we can discuss further. I can be reached at [email protected]. Obviously, I am not interested in generic “Rank #1 on Google SEO offers” so please be specific.




Mike Griffiths

Creator, PM Illustrated

July 2021  

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