PM Illustrated – The Missing Map for Your PMP Learning Journey

Navigating Your Learner Journey

A good mapping system lets us navigate within the context of a big-picture view. It also lets us zoom into all the detail we need to get where we are going. This applies to both physical journeys and learning journeys.

PM Illustrated shows the entire PMP exam curriculum on one page and allows us to zoom into the details of every task and enabler in the Exam Content Outline (ECO). Understanding how concepts fit together is critical to effective problem-solving. We are no longer trying to remember a thousand separate things, instead fitting pieces into a jigsaw puzzle that gets easier to understand the more pieces we complete. 

A series of maps that depict Zooming In

Seeing how concepts fit together also taps into our spatial memory, a deep part of our brain used for direction finding and remembering the location of food, safety, etc. Many memorization techniques, such as Memory Palace and Journey Method, use this concept of Loci or location to help us recall information.

PMillustrated provides a 30,000 ft view of the entire PMP exam and allows learners to chart their own adventure through the topics in any order they like. It allows an easy drill down into all the elements covered in the ECO and test understanding with quiz questions. It also creates a trail of breadcrumbs to track topics mastered via digital badges, so your progress and topics still to learn are shown on one page. 

My Achievements sample

The PMP exam covers a lot of ground.

·       Does your study plan allow you to zoom in and out of details while retaining the big-picture context?

·       Can you easily visualize the exam elements you have mastered and those you still have to learn?

·       Do you have an effective map for your PMP learning journey?

Make PM Illustrated your “Guide on the Side” for navigating your way to PMP Success. 

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